Entrance Lobby and Parking


We have the most spacious entrances in Karachi. We offer  FREE VALLET service for all guests.

By far this is Karachi’s only wedding venue, to offer FREE PARKING AND VALLET for over 600 cars.  All the cars are parked inside our venue which is fully secured through the presence of our security guards. ALL complimentary for you.


 Air Conditioned Banquet

Our brand new banquet hall.



Open-air Marquee

The most beautiful and exclusive open-air wedding lawns.

We have the most beautiful venue, perfect for your wedding. We have selected each furniture piece with much care and attention. These are designer pieces, to add that ‘extra’ classic look to your wedding.

All these add to your perfect wedding day, making it exciting and unique.  










Venue Lighting

Our venue lighting is done by experts in the field. From beautiful chandlers that hang inside the marquee, our sophisticated and classic lamps on the tables, and our exclusive ‘LED’ lights, all add to make your wedding the most beautiful wedding ever.

The lights are set not only to add beauty to the venue, but also make the venue perfect for you to click photos. We understand that a wedding album is there to last for years… therefore, our lighting in the lawns and the air-conditioned marquee are set for the perfect photos.  Have a look at some of our pictures.

 Air-Conditioned Bridal Rooms

We look after your comfort. We know that you might need to wait to enter the wedding venue or you might need some space to relax. We have created ‘bridal rooms’ for your comfort. You can sit and relax here before you set out for your BIG DAY!